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Blog about Darko Trifunovic, self-proclaimed Serbian "terrorism expert", falsifier of history, former identity theft criminal, and Srebrenica genocide denier.

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I started this blog under the nickname "Richard" because I am sick and tired of Darko Trifunovic's attempts to censor and silence individuals and journalists who criticize him. Nobody is going to silence my freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a right, not a privilege. My favorite research is centered around contemporary history, World War I and II with focus on the South Eastern Europe (Balkans); and Srebrenica genocide with focus on the International Law and Justice. Srebrenica genocide claimed 10,000 lives and is the worst act of genocide since the world war II.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So called Serbian 'terrorism expert', Darko Trifunovic - discredited liar and a former identity thief criminal, back to his old tricks again! Here is what the public should know about his latest propaganda:

PHOTO: Darko Trifunovic (quick background), former identity thief criminal fired from the diplomatic services of B&H for falsifying documents; self-proclaimed Serbian "terrorism expert"; discredited Srebrenica genocide denier.
Serbian propagandists and supporters of Darko Trifunovic are creating spam blogs and pages propagating manufactured lies - just as they have been doing for the last 15 years (nothing new, duh!).

Here is the funny part! These propagandists claim that my IP# is - which is *incorrect* as I don't even use Shaw Cable; and they have also claimed (here is the funniest part) that I am an Arab terrorist "Fateh Kamel" which is also *incorrect*.

The "terrorist" accusation is nothing new, as Darko Trifunovic is famous for labeling his criticis as "Islamic terrorists" (remember case Bosnjaci.net?); the "terrorist" allegations make me laugh out loud (
hahahahaha). He labeled me as "FATEH KAMEL", which is not even worth my time commenting.

They have just proved to all of us how desperate they are.
They are desperate to propagate inefficient and defeated Serbian propaganda at all costs.

After losing 4 major wars (first in Slovenia, then in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and finally in Albanian Kosovo) they have gotten increasingly frustrated, which is evident from the apparent increase in their propaganda. How else would you feel if your country lost four major wars in a row? It's a mental syndrome hard to heal, so resorting to propaganda is only a natural way of escaping reality.

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